Bring any token to Ratio and obtain LP to deposit in one simple click.

Our Insta-swap feature makes Ratio Finance the one-stop shop for yield farming and asset leveraging. Give our Insta-swap feature a try now!

Insta-swap is built on top of Jupiter but goes further to provide liquidity to pools which we support on the Ratio platform. This means you can provide liquidity to your favorite yield farm using any Jupiter supported token in 2 simple steps without having to go to any other platform. These swaps are executed as a single transaction and automatically provide the best prices for your asset pairs.

Step 1: For example, you can swap an amount of SOL into proportionate values of USDT and USDC. We then deposit these liquidity assets into the USDT-USDC pool of your choice, e.g., Raydium, and send the equivalent amount of Raydium USDT-USDC LP to your wallet.

Step 2: Deposit your new LP tokens into the corresponding Ratio vault and we will send them to the yield farm to collect rewards that you can harvest at any time.

Now you can start printing USDr against the LP collateral that is already working for you!

What can you do with your newly minted USDr?

Well, you can start earning more yield by depositing it in the Atrix USDr/USDC pool.

Even better, you can leverage your LP position by using Insta-swap to swap your USDr for more LP tokens, increasing the value of your position. These additional LP tokens can then be used to print more USDr, a process that may be repeated until a desired position is reached, creating compounded APR. Once you are happy with your position, you may then deposit your USDr into the Atrix USDr/USDC pool.

Keep an eye out for our Insta-swap SDK coming soon and bring the power of Insta-swap to your own platform.

You can learn more about our deposit, borrow, and additional features in the next pages.

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