Ratio Finance


This hook library is for developers who wish to integrate the instaswap feature in their frontend application.
You can find full example codes here => instaswap-hook-example

1. Install Instaswap-hook

yarn add @ratio-finance/instaswap-hook

2. Import useInstaSwap and its props type

import {
} from "@ratio-finance/instaswap-hook";

3. Wrap with InstaSwapProvider

import { InstaSwapProvider } from "@ratio-finance/instaswap-hook";
const InstaSwapWrapper: React.FC = ({ children }) => {
const { connection } = useConnection();
const wallet = useWallet();
return (
<InstaSwapProvider connection={connection} userPublicKey={wallet.publicKey}>

4. Get values via useInstaSwap

  • Parameter type of useInstaSwap
export type useInstaSwapProps = {
amount?: number;
token?: string;
lpToken?: string;
slippage?: number;
direction?: boolean; // true: Buy LP Mode, false: Sell LP Mode
  • Get values of instaswap context via useInstaSwap.
const {
avaLpTokens, // Map<string, LpTokenInfo>
avaTokens, // Map<string, TokenInfo>
estimatedOutAmount, // number
avaLpMints, // string[]
avaTokenMints, // string[]
loading, // boolean
execute // (props: ExecuteParams) => Promise<{ err?: any }>,
} = useInstaSwap({
amount: 1,
token: USDC_MINT,
slippage: 1, // 0.1%,
direction: true // direction is True as default
You can check the type of LpTokenInfo and TokenInfo in instaswap-core.
  • avaLpTokens
Available LP tokens which current insta-swap offers.
  • avaTokens
Available tokens which can be swapped into LP tokens in insta-swap.
  • estimatedOutAmount
Estimated output amount of LP token. This is not decimals amount but is ui amount, so that you can directly show this value on ui.
  • avaLpMints, avaTokenMints
avaLpMints: Mint addresses of avaLpTokens
avaTokenMints: Mint addresses of avaTokens

5. Execute insta-swap

  • Parameter type of execute function
export type ExecuteParams = {
wallet: Pick<SignerWalletAdapter, 'signAllTransactions' | 'publicKey' | 'sendTransaction' | 'signTransaction'>,
beforeSend?: (txTotalCnt: number, txIdx: number) => void;
afterSend?: (txTotalCnt: number, txIdx: number, txHash: string) => void;
onSuccess?: (txResult: string[]) => void;
onFail?: (txResult: string[]) => void;
confirmType?: ConfirmTypes; // Default is Processed
// ConfirmTypes
export const enum ConfirmTypes {
Confirmed, // Confirm every transactions as 'confirmed' after sent
Processed, // Confirm every transactions as 'processed' after sent
ConfirmLastTx, // Confirm every transactions as 'processed'
// and for only last transaction confirm as 'confirmed'
  • Code snippet to show how to run execute function.
const executeInstaswap = () => {
if (
wallet.sendTransaction &&
wallet.signAllTransactions &&
) {
wallet: {
sendTransaction: wallet.sendTransaction,
publicKey: wallet.publicKey,
signAllTransactions: wallet.signAllTransactions,
signTransaction: wallet.signTransaction,
beforeSend: (txTotalCnt, txIdx) => {
console.log(`sending ${txIdx + 1} of ${txTotalCnt} transactions`);
afterSend: (txTotalCnt, txIdx, txHash: string) => {
`sent ${txIdx + 1} of ${txTotalCnt} transactions, txHash: ${txHash}`
onSuccess: (txResults: string[]) => {
console.log(`swap success. Hashes: ${txResults}`);
onFail: (txResults: string[]) => {
console.log(`swap failed. Hashes: ${txResults}`);
}).then(res => {
if (res.err) {
} else {
console.log('Success: no error');
There might be several transactions for insta-swap.
This callback is called before sending a transaction.
txTotalCnt is the count of total transactions and txIdx is the index of transaction being sent.
beforeSend(txTotalCnt, txIdx) => void
This callback is called after sending a transaction whose hash is txHash
afterSend(txTotalCnt, txIdx, txHash: string) => void
This callback is called when insta-swap is finished successfully. txResult is the array of transaction hashes which sent for insta-swap.
onSuccess(txResult: string[]) => void
This callback is called when insta-swap is failed.
onFail(txResult: string[]) => void