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Choose from our Vaults based on risk to compare yield, safety, and leverage.

Once your wallet has been connected, you can browse our available vaults to see which kind of LP you want to use as collateral from Saber to mint USDr.

Ratio's Vaults allows you to view statistics about your LP tokens including Ratio's Risk Rating, your debt collateralization ratio, and the amount of USDr that may be minted against your collateral.

The maximum amount that can be borrowed against each asset is determined by Ratio's proprietary risk quantification system, called Ratio Risk Ratings. For more information on how Ratio Finance determines its risk ratings, please refer to our documentation here.

After completing a deposit, your LP tokens will be immediately placed in their corresponding yield farm hosted on their native AMM and you can see your rewards grow under the "Tokens Earned" tab. You can harvest your rewards at any time! For now, if you want to convert your rewards into USDr, you will need to do so manually. In the future, auto swaps will be made available.

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